Wednesday, March 30, 2011

14 minute survey

Assalamualikum n helo..fuh fuh berabuk da belog aku nih..14 minute survey ne da lama da fifa tag kt aku tp bile dh mcm2 hal jd..xsmpat nk update blog without wasting my time..jom! =D

instruction: Once you are tagged, answer all the question honestly.
                          no cheating or lying, ok?

starting time : 2.09 am

name: norfarhanis sukri

Brother(s): nashriq and irsyad

eye color: dark brown

shoe size: 9/10 

hair: private & confidential

piercing: yes...kt telinga

height: 175 cm 

what are u wearing right now? : black tshirt with suar tido

where do u live?: putrajaya

fav number : 8& 7

fav drink: emmm recently suke minum green tea (bkn jasmine green tea tuh..plain one)

fav month: aidilfitri month..bole x cmtu?hahaha sbb ade byk makanan..keke

fav breakfast: toastem bread + anlene

have u ever

broken a bone: erkk..mintak simpang..x pernah lg

been in a police car: nope

fallen for a friend? : ermmm yes

fallen for a guy/gurl in a short time: thousands times! hahaha

swam in the ocean: yes tp msti dgn pelampung/ life jacket...kira swim ke tu?

fallen asleep in school: mstilah!

broken someone's heart? : ermmm pernah la kot?

cried when someone died: yes

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: nope

saved emails: always

been cheated: yup2


your room look a like : emmm bilik kt mawar ni? sempit..simple..

what is right behind you: my bed

what is the last thing u ate: nasi goreng aym ptg td

who last made u smile? : emmm ade la someone tu  kekeke

final questions

what are u listening to right now: kpop songs

what did u do today?: got class, jmpa supervisor thesis dan siapkan report practical sigh sigh sigh

are u the oldest: in my room yes, among siblings yes, among the people in this lah

indoors or outdoors : outdoors!

today did u..

talk to someone u like : yup on the phone

kiss someone: nope! tp aritu dlm mimpi ade kiss rain bi..hhehehe

sing: yes

miss someone?: yes

eat: yes..the most crucial part 

last person you talked who

you talked on the phone to : mak and D

someone made u cry : hyun bin..sbb tgk secret garden ade adegan sedih 

you went to the mall with: my mom

who cheered u up: friends and my precious kpop videos collections (bling bling)


have a crush on someone: yes yes and yes

what books are u reading rite now: buku 2 yg membolehkan aku grade on time may nih

best feeling in the world: mmmm i cant think any ....

future kids name: mmm x pikir nk 2-4 anak..

do you sleep with stuffed animal: nope

whats under ur bed?: beg roda, kotak kuning, beg lappy, tong sampah..maklumlah duk hostel ruang terhad

fav sports: kayaking, mountain hiking, snorkeling, martial arts(konon2 nye)

fav place: tmpat yg ade beach...

who do u really hate: stakat ni xde la kot

do u have a job? : not yet

what time it is now: 3.22 am..omo..lamenye..dizzy2..nk tdo..chiow..